Our Vision, Mission, Mandate and Core Values

Our Vision

“A world class producer of superior animal genetic resources”

Our Mission

“To produce, distribute and conserve high quality animal germplasm as well as provide related services through cutting-edge technology to contribute to optimal national livestock productivity for socioeconomic development.”

Core Values

To achieve the above vision and mission, the Centre shall be guided by the following core values:

  • Professionalism; Observe professionalism in service delivery.
  • Customer focused; Consistently offer effective and efficient services to all our internal and external customers.
  • Accountability; Be accountable to the stakeholders in the provision of services.
  • Team-work; Build a strong and dedicated team to provide the best services.
  • Meritocracy; Ensure that all its priorities and decisions are based on merit.
  • Integrity; Uphold integrity as a core component of our corporate culture.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic plan identifies four (4) key strategic objectives which will be pursued during the five years namely:-

  1. Increase capacity for germplasm production, preservation and conservation;
  2. Strengthen Institutional Capacity, infrastructure development and legal framework;
  3. Expand market share of KAGRC products and strengthen financial base; and
  4. Strengthen research, innovation and development in animal genetic resources.


KAGRC derives its mandate from Legal Notice No. 110 of 5th September 2011. The mandate provides for:-

  1. Establish a national livestock resources gene bank for conservation of livestock tissues, DNA, semen and embryos of all livestock and emerging livestock species for posterity in Kenya;
  2. Conserve for posterity and avail livestock tissues, DNA, semen and embryos of all livestock and emerging livestock species in Kenya for both research and Breeding;
  3. Engage in strategic semen production;
  4. Serve as a reference laboratory for certification, testing of semen, embryos and related livestock production materials for purpose of use and export;
  5. Either alone or in collaboration with other institutions, develop and produce chemicals and laboratory products for use in the production of semen;
  6. Either alone or in collaboration with other institutions, provide information on the suitability and effectiveness of animal breeding products; and
  7. Provide training in animal resource conservation procedures, semen, in-vitro embryo production and transfer and related technology transfer.