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Dr. Benadatte J. Misoi
Managing Director

Dr. Benadatte J. Misoi

Dr. Wambugu
Dr. Roselyne Wambugu
Head - Directorate of Research & Technical Services

Dr. Wambugu is the Head - Directorate of Research and Technical Services. Her duties involve coordinating the design and management of current and upcoming breeding technologies, semen production and quality control and farm management.

Mr. David K. Sang
Head - Directorate of Strategy and Planning

Mr. Sang Kiptanui David is the Head - Directorate of Strategy and Planning at the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre with several years of experience in senior management having worked in various sections and capacities at the Centre as well as the Substations. He is a holder of MBA (strategic management option).
The directorate mainly provides advisory services to top management and ensures that the Centre adopts and implements effective strategies in planning, performance management, quality assurance while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. It comprises of strategic planning and performance management department, ICT, quality assurance and risk management divisions.

Ms. Faith Aciita
Head - Directorate of Corporate Services

Ms. Aciita is the Head - Directorate of Corporate Services. She’s responsible for Finance & Accounts, Human Resource & Administration

Dr. Paul Egesa Egang'a
Head - Directorate of Extension Services

Dr. Egesa is the Head - Directorate of Extension Services. He is responsible for marketing KAGRC products & services, corporate communication & branding and extension services.

Ms. Lucia Koskei-Juma
Manager Human Resources & Administration

Ms. Koskei is the Manager, Human Resource and Administration. She is responsible for effective organization and administration of the human resource management, development of appropriate human resource policies for effective performance and productivity, human resource planning, advising on proper deployment and succession management.

Dr. Daniel Mwangi
Dr. Daniel Mwangi
Manager Breeding and Breeding Technologies

Dr. Daniel Mwangi is the Manager Breeding and Breeding Technologies. He is responsible for general animal health, treatment of animals, carrying out routine vaccination, enforcing quarantine, reproductive disease surveillance, lab diagnosis, carrying postmortem, vector control, collecting of samples, ensuring adequate and quality nutrition of the animals and ensuring proper custody of all veterinary drugs, chemicals, vaccines and equipment.

Dr. James Mbuchu
Goat A.I. Centre Manager

Dr. Mbuchu is the Goat A.I. Centre Manager at Ndomba.

Naomi Jeptoo
Ms. Naomi Jeptoo
Principal Supply Chain Officer

She is the Principal Supply Chain Officer and in charge of the Supply Chain function in the Centre, handling the day to day procurement and issue of goods in the Centre.

Mr. Micheal Wanyama
Senior Internal Auditor

Mr. Wanyama is the Senior Internal Auditor. He is responsible for reviewing the internal control systems, verifying operations and activities on the utilization of Centre’s resources. Preparation of audit reports and follow up on the implementation of audit recommendations.