Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre is committed to providing quality animal genetic resources and associated services effectively and efficiently. This shall be achieved through strategic semen production, conservation and distribution, establishing a national livestock resources gene bank, providing information and trainings on genetic resources, in collaboration with other institutions research on chemical and media in Germplasm production in addition to serving as a reference laboratory for certifying and testing of animal genetic materials.

We aspire to be a global Centre of excellence in quality Animal Genetic resources by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and interested parties and by being customer focused and results oriented. Our key customers and interested parties include: government ministries and institutions, farmers, KAGRC agents, artificial insemination (AI) service providers, the Kenyan public and other stakeholders in agriculture, training, commerce and research.

KAGRC top management is committed to the Quality Management System (QMS) and shall provide the necessary resources to achieve all the set objectives and to ensure effective communication and implementation of the QMS. We shall achieve our quality objectives through:

  1. Maintenance and continuous improvement of a Quality Management System modelled on the ISO 9001:2015 International Standards.
  2. Commitment to providing our customers with high quality products and services that meet and exceed their expectations.
  3. Devotion to a quality culture that encourages employee participation in the quality management system.
  4. Encouraging and acting on feedback from customers and stakeholders.
  5. Continuously monitoring, measuring, analyzing and improving the QMS.
  6. Recruitment and selection of a well-trained and motivated staff.
  7. Effective and efficient internal and external communication.
  8. Scheduled audits and management reviews.
  9. Collaborating with stakeholders.

To keep it abreast with prevailing circumstances, this Quality Policy shall be reviewed at least once every three years.