The Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) is the successor of Central Artificial Insemination Station (CAIS) which was established by Kenya Gazette Notice Number 557 of 19th June 1946 with the objective of controlling venereal diseases and genetic improvement of exotic dairy Cattle.

In order to improve on its functions, CAIS was transformed into a state corporation known as Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre vide Gazette Notice No L.N. 110 of 5th September, 2011 with a broader mandate.

The Centre has the mandate to produce, preserve, and conserve animal genetic materials (semen embryo, tissues and live animals) and rear breeding sires for provision of high-quality disease-free semen to meet the national demand and for export.

In order to meet its mandate, KAGRC works in close collaboration with other breeding organizations such as the Kenya Stud Book, the Dairy Recording Services of Kenya and the Livestock Recording Center. Together, these organizations implement the Contract Mating and Progeny Testing Programmes. The organization also works closely with the breed societies as well as individual and institutional farms which provide herds for the breeding program. The Centre attained ISO 901:2008 QMS in September, 2012 and is currently transiting to ISO 9001:2015 QMS.

KAGRC is situated 15 km from City Centre (West of the Nairobi City), and has its Headquarters in Lower Kabete in Nairobi.